Empower Users to Report, Developers to Fix

Bugsnap is a platform designed to bridge the communication gap between users and developers by simplifying bug reporting and resolution.

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Effortless Bug Reporting

Simplify issue communication with users through instant screenshots, concise videos, and clear messages, streamlining the debugging process for your team.

Quick Screenshots

Users effortlessly capture and share screenshots, providing your team with visual insights into reported issues.


Record Videos

Users can record short videos to demonstrate complex issues, aiding your team in quickly grasping the problem's context.

Get feedback

Allow users to provide contextual explanations for reported bugs, facilitating your team's understanding and resolution efforts.

Comprehensive Data Insights

Gain granular insights into user-reported issues, with essential data collection, detailed contextual reports, and personalized information, allowing your team to make informed decisions.

Crucial Data Collection

Collect essential data such as browser details, OS, and device type, equipping your team with the information needed to diagnose and resolve issues accurately.


Custom User Data

Customize bug reports with user IDs and emails, providing personalized insights to your team and enhancing issue understanding.


Post-Report Messages

Set custom messages that users see after submitting bug reports, offering acknowledgments, appreciation, or even incentives for their valuable contributions.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Amplify team efficiency as you delegate tasks, prioritize bug resolutions, and collaborate seamlessly, fostering a cohesive and productive debugging environment.


Task Delegation

Assign bug reports to specific team members, ensuring clear responsibility and efficient issue resolution.


Issue Prioritization

Rank bugs based on priority to guide your team's focus on critical issues, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.


Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with third-party tools like Slack and Discord, facilitating streamlined communication and prompt bug fixes among your team.

And there is more!

Bugsnap is constantly growing just like the possibilities of what you can achieve.

Easy Setup

Integrate BugSnap seamlessly using a script tag, requiring minimal effort and technical expertise.

Environment Flexibility

Navigate different environments effortlessly, from staging to production, ensuring accurate bug reporting at every stage.

Bug-to-Task Flow

Seamlessly turn bug reports into actionable tasks within integrated project management tools like GitHub and Linear.

Unique Report Links

Provide users with personalized URLs for each bug report, facilitating easier tracking and follow-up. Exclusive to the pro plan.

Performance Insights

Delve into advanced analytics to uncover trends, patterns, and recurring issues, guiding your development roadmap.

Public Dashboard

Share real-time bug resolution stats with your audience. A transparent way to showcase your commitment to improvement and quality.

See Bugsnap in Action

Discover how seamlessly users can report bugs by capturing screenshots, recording videos, and sending messages. Explore the intuitive Bugsnap dashboard where developers efficiently manage, prioritize, and resolve reported issues.

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